In 1984 the Government invited NIACE to set up a new Unit for the Development of Adult Continuing Education, to explore and make recommendations about development areas in adult learning.  I was appointed to Head the Unit, and remained its Head until it was merged into the Further Education Unit in 1992.

During that period we worked on a range of topics, exploring issues and development options and making recommendations. In some cases we undertook development projects. On each topic we convened an expert Development Group to guide the work, and during the 8 years, over 1000 people took part in these.

In 1992, when we were about to be merged with the Further Education Unit, we published a summary of our work over the 8 years, as   The Work of UDACE






The Topics which we pursued were:

  • Educational guidance for adults (with our key policy proposals in Challenge of Change )
  • Voluntary/statutory relationships in adult learning
  • Learning and older adults
  • Admissions to higher education
  • Access to education for adults
  • Strategic planning and management for adults
  • performance and quality assurance in adult learning
  • Open College networks
  • Learning outcomes and competence

All 70 UDACE publications are stored at the British Library. They can be found by searching the main catalogue for “UDACE” at https://www.bl.uk/