Some friends who helped

The work described on this website could only have been achieved with the support of a host of friends and colleagues. Special credit is due to:

James O’Connell – friend and mentor in my first real job, teaching in Nigeria

David Richards and Denzil Hammond  – my managers and mentors as a new Local Government Officer

Don Grattan – friend, Chair of UDACE and mentor as I took my first steps into a national role

Alan Tuckett – friend, colleague and collaborator in many places over 40 years

Naomi Sargant – who inspired me to become involved in national policy, and steered me clear of some of the pitfalls of survey research

At UDACE my brilliant colleagues …. Judy Alloway, Kathryn Ecclestone, Toni Fazaeli, Caroline Mager, Sue Otter, Bob Powell, Vivienne Rivis, Sandra Silver

At NIACE ….Fiona Aldridge, Sue Cara, Peter Lavender, Alastair Thomson

At CROW – Matt Flynn

In Higher Education – Gareth Parry, David Pearce, Peter Scott, Ros Seyd, David Watson.

In the Guidance community – Heather Jackson, Tony Watts, Bill Law

Margaret, without whose toleration and support over nearly 50 years, none of this would have happened, and my father, John McNair, a role model of a full active and politically committed life over 90 years.

Apologies to anyone I have overlooked!